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The power of the group cannot be understated. As a team, you can share the challenges, the laughs, the struggles and the exhilaration. Explore all the options below to find the right group.


Whether you want to get Fit, go Fast, or run Far, Run For You has a place and a pace for you! Each Run For You training program features weekly sessions led by experienced, inspiring, caring, and CPR certified coaches who are passionate about your running!  Runners are grouped with those of similar ability in a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere built for success!

Run Fit

Run For You- Run Fit is a 6-week running training program to coach beginner and intermediate runners who want to build their base towards the 5K distance. Runners are coached in 2 weekly sessions (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM at Run For Your Life (Midtown, Piper Glen, and University locations) with runners of similar ability and pace. This is a fun training program with experienced and inspiring coaches that help members achieve their goals.  Perfect for walkers wanting to incorporate running into their workouts. Beginners' classes use run/walk intervals.

Run Fit training will begin on Tuesday, July 26th, and end Thursday, September 1st.

Available Locations
Run Fit training programs will be available at 3 Run For Your Life locations (Midtown, Piper Glen, and University).

Entry Fees:
New Members - $65
Returning Members - $60

Registration for 2022 Summer/Fall session:


Run Far

RUN FAR is a 14-24-week program to prepare you for longer distances and races like half marathons and full marathons. RUN FAR is open to all levels of runners!

From the start of the RUN FAR program, runners and walkers are grouped with others of similar abilities and goals.

The RUN FAR weekly training schedule includes 3 different workouts, each designed to help the runner with pacing and endurance. Interval training, (speed workouts), tempo (pace running), hill running (strength), and progressively long runs (endurance) are combined with rest days and cross training to meet the goal results of the distance runner!

Beginner Half or Full Marathon Option

Designed for new members or current half marathoners interested in moving up to the marathon distance. Includes a training plan for those first time half marathoners and first time marathoners.

Intermediate/Maintenance Half and Full Marathon training program option

Designed for current Run For You™ members or other runners who have run a half or full marathon and are training for a half or full marathon. Intermediate training program for those who have already covered the marathon distance.

2022 Sessions

Summer/Fall: 24 Weeks
Starts June 4th, 2022
Ends November 12th, 2022

Registration for 2022 Summer/Fall Session:


Concludes with Novant Health Charlotte Marathon

10 Weeks to 10K

10 Weeks to 10K Training Program


You asked, we listened! We are excited to launch our inaugural 10 week 10K training program. The program will meet out of our Midtown location and train for a 10K race distance. The program recognizes and celebrates a variety of paces and abilities. If this is your first 10K or 100th, we are excited to help you crush your goals.


Due to COVID-19 protocols, we have postponed the start date of our training program. Stay tuned for updates!


Tuesdays will meet at 6:00PM at Midtown for a running workout.

Saturdays will meet at 7:00AM at Midtown for the long run.

The workouts/runs during the week will be sent via email to the athletes. 

Cost: $95 (roughly $10/week!)



Our 6-week youth running program is perfect for your little ball of energy. Let’s take that strength of your 6-12 year old and put it to good use by completing their first 1 mile fun run or 5K depending on their level of interest and current activity. We’ll be working on endurance training on the Four Mile Creek Greenway and speed training at South Charlotte Middle School. Our youth training program is only available at our Piper Glen location and will have limited slots available.

2018 Sessions: 6 week sessions

We’re working through the dates now, but check back soon as we debut a new calendar this year with multiple options!

2017 Sessions: 6 week sessions

Summer Session: Tuesday, May 30th – Thursday, July 13th
*6 weeks with a break the week of June 20th/June 22nd

Two days per week: Tuesday and Thursday meetings from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Piper Glen Store Only. Registration and payment happens in store.
Fees: $60 (equivalent to $5 per session or $10 per week)

Contact: Email – Alyssa@RunForYourLife.com   |  Phone – (980) 495-540