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    Charlotte's Oldest Run Specialty Shop


    Our Mission:

    To inspire our community to be active through relationships built on kindness and expertise.

    Run For Your Life was founded in 1989 as Charlotte's first run-specialty shop. From opening day onward, we've operated on a tradition of kindness and expertise. Today, though styles have changed, new brands have emerged, and shoes are lighter than ever, owner Chris Elkins and his team maintain the same level of care for every guest who walks in the door. Whether you're a walker, runner, or on your feet all day at work, you can be sure that the oldest running store in Charlotte will meet you with the same level of service upheld for over thirty years.

    Kindness is our superpower, and inspiring you makes our day. We're motivated by the relationships we share with our community, and we love to hear your stories. Our goal is to connect those stories to something bigger, to help you become the best version of yourself and do the things you love for life.

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