Running Recovery

Are your legs feeling heavier than usual? Times slowing down? Mind in a negative place? We get it. Running can be tough on the mind and body. We can get so caught up in chasing our goals that we forget to embrace our recovery runs or off days. Slowing down gives our minds and bodies a chance to pause and recover. When we are fully recovered, we can get back out there and crush our goals. Check out the staff tips below and see if any of them click with you! 

Windy, University 

When Windy is feeling burned out from her ultra marathon training, she relaxes with her Chiweenie named Cowboy and sips on her iced coffee! She reflects on her training by reading motivational books about ultras. She is currently reading Running Your First Ultra by Krissy Moehl. What books get you through your training? 

John and Helen, Midtown 

John and Helen spend their downtime from running or rock climbing by enjoying the company of friends through bike riding! Bike riding, or other forms of cross training, gives your body a chance to work on different muscles. If you catch them riding through Little Sugar Creek Greenway or Freedom Park, join in or say hello!

Carson, Piper Glen

Carson may look like he’s lounging on the job, but he’s really giving his muscles and joints a chance to relax! Taking pressure off the body through sleeping or lounging allows your body to stretch out and heal any damage. So if someone catches you sleeping on the job, thank Carson for this genius response! 

Do any of these tips motivate you to embrace your recovery? If so, jump on the couch, grab a book, call a friend, and know your body will thank you! 

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