Which Spring Runner are You? 

The spring running season is finally here! Ahhh… (or achoo!) Spring’s cool mornings making way for warmer afternoons, longer days, and fewer excuses. This transitional season lures even the most reluctant runner from their indoor routine, dreadmill, or bed, and back onto the pollen-dusted streets. From our reading of some very non-scientific studies, spring runners can generally find themselves grouped into the following categories: 

The Season’s Greeter: You’ll know this runner because of their “aggressive” clothing choices on the first day that’s even remotely close to warm, or what the rest of us might consider seasonable. Shorts and a singlet in 38 degrees? Sun’s out, guns out! Calendar says it’s March, so it must be Spring. 

The First-Burner: A close relative of the Season’s Greeter, this runner is easily recognized by their early-season farmer’s tan lines. The First Burner is willing to bare the bulk of their pale winter bod on the first sunny days, regardless of temperature. Do you really need sunscreen when it’s 50F? Umm… yes.

The White-Washer: The other end of the spectrum from our friend, the First Burner, the White-Washer takes their sun protection seriously, but let’s just say their technique may be a little out of practice. Easily spotted in the wild due to their white stripes. 

The Pack Mule: You’ll know this runner by their rolled-up sleeves, and the number of pullovers and windbreakers tied around their waist. It’s not that they don’t believe the forecast, but they’ve lived here long enough and have developed some “trust issues” with the local weather folks. 

The Bubbler: These poor runners make the folks in seasonal allergy commercials look soft. Their gasping and wheezing isn’t from tackling Charlotte’s unavoidable hills, but its equally inescapable pollen count. Running partners beware; they blow more “rockets” than a 4th of July fireworks show. 

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