Stocking Stuffers

You’ve got the big presents wrapped and now it’s time to just fill that stocking with your love for that runner in you life! We’ve got all kinds of ideas for you ranging from nutrition to recovery sandals to the perfect coffee mug. We’re going to highlight a few of these from the picture above to help you out, but don’t forget about 12 Days Of Christmas to really get some deals!

Nathan Bandolier Vest – $25

This is the gift that every runner should have hanging by the back door that they don’t feel like spending the money on. It’s worth it. Trust us.

Sneaker Balls – $5

Put these little guys everywhere! In your gym bag, your purse, your locker, your car, your mudroom. These things last for years and don’t overpower your nostrils. This may be more a present for you than that smelly runner of yours

Goodr Sunglasses – $25

These came on the scene over the last year and are super popular. Even if they’ve got an orange pair, they’ll want the blue pair or the ones with Christmas trees or the ones with turkey legs. At that low price-point, they’ve become the top accessory.

Rockin’ Green Sports Spray – $10

This is the missing puzzle piece in the active lifestyle. You got in a lunch run and it took a little longer than expected so showering is out. Spray this magic on and all funk is gone.

Socks – $12 – $20

Come on. Who doesn’t love socks. We’ve got all kinds of technical socks depending on how thin or thick they like them or how strong of a hug they need around their foot. Colors, lengths, thickness, weight… there are so many factors to choose from that could scare you away. Don’t let it. Us runners really will take any of those factors over a cotton sock. #CottonIsRotten

Obviously, we’ve got a lot more featured in this pictures, so head on in and let us help you pick it out in these last few days before Santa!