Holiday Packages

It’s holiday time and we’re here to help you out. We’ve designed a couple of packages to make it even easier on you and your runner.

If you’re still not sure after reading through this little post, don’t forget you can always go the gift card route and we’ll get it sent out ASAP!


Let’s start with some of the necessaries this time of year. We’ve got plenty of options when it comes to you seeing what’s in front of you and being seen by those around you. If you like wearing your light, we’ve got headlamps. If you like holding it, we’ve got flashlight style lights. We’ve even got stick-on and iron-on reflectives for you to add to your favorite jacket or sweatshirt! Beyond just the lighting/reflective options, we’ve got plenty of new Fall apparel pieces that will help you be seen running in the wee hours of the morning or after work.


cold weather Running Essentials

These are the feel good components of the outfit. You could go out on your 6 miler without gloves, but an hour in these elements isn’t the most fun activity in the world. We’ve got neck gaiters, gloves, long socks, beanies, you name it. We want you stay warm and comfy this winter so you’ll still want to be our friends when Spring rolls around. The unsung hero of this group is layers. It’s nice to have a base layer to keep you warm, a second to hold it in and a shell to keep out the cold and moisture.


Injury Prevention

This is our favorite one and it’s the one everyone forgets. The main word here is prevention. We want to keep you healthy so you won’t even have to worry about going to the doctors. We host classes. We write blogs. We bring in the latest products. Our primary goal is your first goal. Get to the start line. Our massage tools, foam rollers, and special accessories will keep you at 100% all year long. Essentially, injury prevention tools are the gifts that never stop giving.




These are the perfect little stocking stuffers for that running family member who’s just too difficult to shop for. No matter the flavor, they’ll most likely want to give it a try. You can even make a sample pack to pair with your Christmas meal. Take it a step further and get them the newest running belt to bring the party on the road (or trails). Help your favorite runner avoid “the bonk” this holiday season!




Tis’ the season to drink fluids! We’ve got a wide variety of bottles, belts, and vests for all of your running needs! Rudolph is more of a sprinter so he likes the 12oz SpeedShot Plus whereas Santa is the endurance man and favors the VaporCloud vest. Big pack for the Big Guy. We’ve even got extra bladders for those that are preparing for the next adventure.

On top of all of that, we’ll also be kicking off our 12 Days of Christmas on Thursday, 12/13! Be sure to turn into our social media throughout the month for extra gifts


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