Cotton Socks vs. Running Socks


You’ve seen them every time you head into your local specialty running shop. At the counter, by the shoes, in the shoes, on the mannequins, etc.. What makes these fancy socks so different? Why should you cough up the extra cash for something that you’ve known for all of your life?

Running in socks is much different than your day to day activities in these foot hugs. Unfortunately, even with the right shoes, the wrong pair of socks can quickly ruin your running experience.

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What’s Wrong With Cotton?

The white cotton gym sock was a staple of every middle school gym class and with good reason. The socks were cheap. Your parents wouldn’t be mad when you lost one or when they wore down. You just throw them away and replace them for another pair from the 42-pack they came in.

Not a bad deal, but there are some problems with our favorite childhood socks.

They are really good at holding onto things…especially heat and moisture. That’s a horrible combination for your feet. The excess heat is very uncomfortable and it gets hotter with every step due to the friction that you are generating.

Of course all of that heat makes your feet sweat.

That sweat and heat combined with the friction is going to create blisters. If you aren’t careful, a few annoying little blisters in the wrong places could throw a wrench into your training. Training that does not deserve to be halted thanks to a $10 decision.

What Makes Running Socks So Much Better?

Running socks are good at all of the things that regular cotton socks are bad at. The moisture wicking material that running socks are made of is designed to pull sweat away from your feet. This keeps you from stepping over and over in a puddle of sweat. Combine socks like that with breathable running shoes also designed to pull water out and the moisture is wicked all the way out of your shoe. Cool, right?

Our Favorite Running Socks

These are some of our favorites that we think you need to come into the store and try on! (Below are actual opinions from some of our customers and staff!)

Feetures (Founded in 2002 in Charlotte!)

”If you value your feet and your performance, these things are the real deal.”

– Armand C. (Customer)

“I never in my life knew a sock could feel so good on your feet. I bought 4 pairs that day.”

  • – Debra W. (Customer)


“I used to get blisters between my toes because I moved them a lot when I ran. I love the toesocks because they stopped me from getting blisters! They let me run while letting my toes move naturally.”

  • – Jeff (Staff)


“I’ve been wearing Balega for years! I like the extra cushioning for longer runs!”

  • – Helen (Staff)

“Balega have just the right amount of cushion and snugness. They are my everyday running sock.”

  • – Brian (Staff)


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