Cotton Socks vs. Running Socks

  You’ve seen them every time you head into your local specialty running shop. At the counter, by the shoes, in the shoes, on the mannequins, etc.. What makes these fancy socks so different? Why should you cough up the extra cash for something that you’ve known for all of your life? Running in socks… Read more »

Good Form Running

Have you noticed that runners are bad at talking about the technical side of running? We can show someone how it’s done and we can tell when they are doing it wrong, but it’s so hard to find the words! We’ve all tried, however none of us know how to give proper feedback. Let us… Read more »

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom in Your Life

Mom. Mother. Ma! Mama. Maw. Whoever she is to you, she deserves your love every single day of the year, but this Mother’s Day (this Sunday!) in particular. On top of our SPRING CLEANING SALE going on, we’ve also got some fun, new ideas for you below. Swing on by this week to grab those last… Read more »