88 Days

Let’s state some facts: We’re now 88 full days into 2018. Some of you have set some running goals. Some of you have achieved those goals. Some of you have already run some races. Some of you have some in the works. One last fact: The New Balance 880 is one of our favorite and one of our best selling shoes.

We, along with New Balance, are challenging you to make these next 88 days stronger than 2018’s first 88 days. We are going to push you to make these next 12-1/2 weeks your best yet. How? Our first suggestion is going to obviously be the 8th version of the 880 from New Balance. We love this shoe. It’s got cushion for the pushing to help you bring on more miles. Next, we’re going to check in with you over the next 88 days via Strava and other means. We want to make these 2,112 hours your strongest yet.

There’s no medal. No prize. No incentives. Probably a high five or eight, but mainly just the feeling of accomplishment.

To celebrate, you can swing in to any three of our locations to try these sneakers on. You can also join the party on Saturday, April 14th, at our University shop. We’ll have the local rep, John, on site with demos and more high fives.

Have a gr8 run today, tomorrow, and every single one until the 176th day of the year when we check back. Let’s crush it.