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    Meredith Moore - Piper Glen

    Meredith started coaching Run Fit at Piper Glen at the beginning of 2022. She loves watching runners gain confidence and make improvements! Meredith has been fortunate in this role to meet really spectacular humans who inspire her. She began running consistently sometime around 2009-2010, and it has brought her wonderful friendships, a sense of accomplishment, ugly feet, and ridiculous tan lines!

    When she's not working her day job as a non-clinical RN or running, she might be swimming, baking, watching trashy reality shows, or eating M&Ms. She's also a dog mom of 3 unruly beasts, and a human mom to 1 charming high school senior. Meredith's husband probably also wants a mention since he has tolerated her for close to 20 years.


    Nandi Smith - Midtown

    Nandi has been leading the Midtown Run Fit group since 2021. She loves the chance to create relationships with the walkers and runners in her sessions and thinks it great to see their confidence grow as the season progresses. When she's not running around Charlotte, you can find Nandi reading, catching up on her favorites shows, or visiting friends in Raleigh, where she went to school (go, Pack).

    If she had headphones in, there's a good chance Taylor Swift or Harry Styles is on full blast. Yes, she did get tickets to the Eras tour.


    Denise Derkowski - University

    Denise has been coaching Run Fit for 13+ years and continues to learn and grow with each session. Her passion is inspiring and supporting others to positively impact their health and achieve their goals - all while having fun! Denise has met so many nice people through running who have become close friends.

    She's also learned a lot from the mistakes she's made on her run journey. While Denise has completed 14 Marathons (3 Boston Marathons), she's also had to rehab injuries, which meant starting from scratch.

    Its been said that Denise has a very dry sense of humor, and when she's not running, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, cycling, socializing, and hanging out with her dog.

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