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Chris Elkins | Owner | Run For Your Life

Image 15My Roots | Born in Houston, TX | Raised in Nashville, TN

Expertise | Chris has been with Run For Your Life since 2002 and owned the University store with his wife, MK, since 2005.  He started working in Run Specialty stores in Nashville, TN in 1998 and loved it from day one.  Having worked in three stores in three different cities, he feels he brings a little bit of each experience to RFYL-University.  Chances are if you have had a long running injury; Chris has had it too and can help you get through it!

Running Rocks Because | Running is a great way to catch up with friends; Chris loves to run with others.

This Distance Rules | About an hour feels just right.

Amazing Race Moments | Running the Dallas Trails Marathon with MK, his co-owner and wife!

Best Food Ever | Peanut butter smoothies

Bet You Didn’t Know | Chris and his wife, MK, have 2 young boys that keep them busy and entertained.  Future runners he hopes!

Lexi Clementson | Store Manager | University

My Roots | Strong Island, NY

Expertise | Lexi has lots of retail experience in many different industries and specializes in relationship building.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Lexi works in speciality running because it is cool helping folks get started with running.  It is  more of a consultation and the beginning of a new relationship.

What The Pro’s Love | Anything that keeps me healthy!

Running Rocks Because | Lexi runs to stay fit!

This Distance Rules | 1 hour of running.

Amazing Race Moments | 2009 Dowd Half Marathon

Best Food Ever | French Fries, Brownies & High Dollar Red Wine!

Bet You Didn’t Know | Lexi lived in Hawaii a year after college.

Beth Schaewe | Manager | University

DSC_0154My Roots | Cheesehead from Wisconsin

Expertise | Beth has been with Run For Your Life for 3 years and previously worked in speciality running in Wisconsin.  She is also a Certified Personal Trainer.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Beth works in speciality running because she loves fitness,  running and helping runners of all abilities stay strong, motivated and injury free!

Running Rocks Because | Running allows you to get outside in the fresh air, stay  healthy and socialize.

This Distance Rules | The best experience is the marathon.

Amazing Race Moments | Boston Qualifier!!

Best Food Ever | Sushi: hands down, followed closely by good wine!

Bet You Didn’t Know | Beth is a mom of 3 and just started running in 2006, before this she had always disliked running.

Joscelyne Hauserman | Marketing Director | Midtown, Piper Glen, & University


My Roots | Central Pennsylvaniaselfie 2

Expertise | Bachelor of Science in Marketing with minor in Communications, 7+ years of experience working in sales and/or marketing

Be Hip – Shop Local | Shopping local is essential for our economy! Plus I’d rather buy products knowing that my money is going to my neighbor instead of some corporation overseas.

What The Pro’s Love | I love the Asics GT-2000. It is so comfy to run in! I also love New Balance NBDry line. PERFECT running/cross training apparel!

Running Rocks Because | It helps maintain my sanity, spirit, health, and love of the outdoors.

This Distance Rules | 6 miles is perfect for an enjoyable run.

Amazing Race Moments | My very first race—a simple 5k—was the best experience I’ve had. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of people that came out and the comradery that was shared among all experience levels.  It blew my mind and introduced me to a life that I love to live now!

Best Food Ever | ice cream

Bet You Didn’t Know | I am a singer/songwriter and play guitar and piano.

When I’m Not Running I’m | playing music, exploring the outdoors, or chillin’ with my cat Juniper.



Rachel Brand | Running Specialist | University

Rachel picMy Roots | Boulder, Colorado

Expertise | Rachel has been with Run For Your Life for 7 years and she is the  Head Cross Country Coach for Central Cabarrus High.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Rachel works in speciality running because she loves talking to people who are preparing for their first half or full marathon.

What The Pro’s Love | Saucony Omni and Mizuno Inspire

Running Rocks Because | Rachel runs to create memories of racing with friends; she runs to help motivate people that she coaches and to help them through their first races!

This Distance Rules | 1/2 Marathon

Amazing Race Moments | The Quad Cities Half Marathon: the only half marathon Rachel’s Dad got to watch before he passed away.

Best Food Ever | Rachel’s Infamous Yum Yum Pie!  [*secret recipe*]

Bet You Didn’t Know | Rachel loves participating in all the “Themed” races!  She is your EXPERT!

Mark Ijames | Running Specialist | University

imageMy Roots | Statesville, NC

Expertise | Mark has experience in personal training including athletic conditioning, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Mark works in speciality running because he loves helping clients reach their fitness goals!

What The Pro’s Love | Saucony Ride and CWX tights

Running Rocks Because | It allows Mark the ability to eat what he wants, as well as stay in shape to referee!

This Distance Rules | 5k

Amazing Race Moments | Mark is still waiting for it!

Best Food Ever | Steak

Bet You Didn’t Know | Mark is a NCAA college basketball referee.

Connor Schaewe | Running Specialist | University

My Roots | Milwaukee, WI RFYL employee pic

Expertise | Connor is an Exercise Science major at UNC-Charlotte, so he has learned a lot about how the body works during exercise and about biomechanics as well as nutrition.

What The Pro’s Love | Saucony anything.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Connor works in speciality running because he believes a running experience is more than just shoes, helping clients put it all together is when it gets exciting!

Running Rocks Because | Connor runs to stay fit, change up a workout and because it is fun!

This Distance Rules | 5k – 10k

Amazing Race Moments | Cooper River Bridge 10k

Best Food Ever | LASAGNA

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