Brooks Running – Run Signature

We’re excited to be the first store in Charlotte to carry Run Signature, Brooks Running state of the art technology to help you learn more about your unique running style. Swing in to either our Midtown or University shop to jump on our treadmill to get the most out of your next run.

What is Run Signature?

Run Signature’s blend of biomechanics and experience is the most holistic tool in the running industry for analyzing how the body wants to run and helping runners find their favorite shoes.

How does Run Signature work?

It starts with the runner and embraces how their body wants to run in an effort to keep them more comfortable, efficient, and generally happier.  Sensors attached to the runner’s leg and foot detect the biomechanical wants of every runner’s body better than ever before, taking the entire kinetic chain into account—not just the foot.

Want to know even more? Watch this behind the scenes video on how we’ll use Run Signature to make your next stop to Run For Your Life unforgettable!

Ready to jump in? Let’s get an appointment setup for you!

We set aside 30 minutes for this portion of the fitting, but understand the entire shoe fitting process may take 30-60 minutes in total.