Long Course 6 Pack

Run the longest distances of each of our Six Pack Races


03.14.20 – Shamrock 4 Miler presented by Novant Health
07.04.20 – NewDominion Bank American 4 Miler presented by Novant Health
08.01.20 – Yiasou Greek Festival 5K presented by Novant Health
TBD – Hit the Brixx 10K presented by Novant Health
09.27.20 – Novant Health 15K
10.17.20 – Rocktoberfest Half Marathon presented by Novant Health

This pack is perfect for those that want to climb the distance ladder and build up to a half marathon.

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SWITCHING COURSE PACK If you registered for the entire series and want to change your distance package, you must notify us by August 31st. For example, you registered for the long course, but believe the short course is the better fit instead. To make the switch, you will need to e-mail registration@runforyourlife.com and pay the $50 difference by August 31st. This applies to SERIES REGISTRATION only. If you are competing in the series but are registering for one race at a time, no need to notify us.

Please e-mail registration@runforyourlife.com if you would like to switch your distance pack.