The Run For Your Life 6 Pack Series greatly values the support and expertise of our partners. Read on here to learn about how our partners continue to support the Charlotte running community.





Look for the Greenapple Sports & Wellness team at the finish line festival of each of the 2016 Run For Your Life 6 Pack Series events.


  1. Tell us about Greenapple Sports and Wellness history in Charlotte

Greenapple Sports & Wellness is one of Charlotte’s oldest and most comprehensive sports injury practices incorporating eastern and western philosophies in practice such as acupuncture, chiropractic, laser, Dry Needling, Qi Gong, mindfulness meditation and many types of soft tissue techniques as well as specific rehab.Tell us about Greenapple Sports and Wellness’s history in Charlotte

Dr. Greenapple after practicing for 10 years in California moved to Charlotte in 1996 and has been actively involved with the running and triathlon community.  Dr. G has since been a leader in the community introducing new treatments to Charlotte. He was the first to bring Active Release Technique (ART) to the Carolinas and started instructing ART in 1995 with the founder of the technique Dr. Mike Leahy.  He was also the first to offer Graston technique, video gait analysis as well as cold laser and then the newest more powerful and deeper penetrating  class 4 laser to Charlotte.  Dr. G has traveled with and treated athletes all over the world including the USA medical team for Triathlon and Duathlon, acting as an “Irondoc” at the world Championships in Hawaii as well as many other Ironman races throughout the USA. Dr. G has a strong background in running, biking and golf biomechanics having studied with and gaining certifications in Canada working Canadian Olympic athletes USA olympians and collegiate athletes.

  1. How is Greenapple Sports & Wellness different from other practices?

At Greeenapple Sports and Wellness, you will be treated as an individual, not with a cookie cutter type of treatment. Patients are evaluated with a functional movement screen, computerized video gait and postural analysis and treatments are set up based on possible dysfunctions. We do not chase pain, but find and attempt to fix the cause.  We offer the latest of techniques and treatments including traditional acupuncture, sports acupuncture, dry needling, laser acupuncture,  ART, Graston, cold laser, class 4 laser, Chiropractic and specific rehabilitation to get you better, faster and focus on your performance enhancement.

  1. What are the signs that a runner should consider scheduling an appointment with Greenapple Sports & Wellness?

“Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice” that is our motto.  When you run or train, pain can be in the equation.  Suffering is when the pain is too much to take and you cannot perform any longer. Know your limits and know when your body is hurt.  There is a difference between pain and soreness.  Soreness comes with training and running and should dissipate within a few days.  Anything longer than that, or if swelling and inflammation are present, you should be evaluated by a sports doctor.  We do specialize in performance enhancement, so if you are looking to get faster, more efficient or have a history of injury, a performance evaluation with functional movement and video gait analysis would be helpful.



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