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Tim Rhodes | Owner| Run For Your Life

IMG_4994Be Hip – Shop Local | Tim is a father of 6 and very passionate about what he does.  He runs to stay young and enjoys the ability to service the Charlotte running community each and every day!

Kristin Moen | Buyer & Merchandiser & Store Lead| Midtown & Piper Glen

My Roots | Chicago, IL

Expertise | Kristin has over 15 years of apparel industry experience.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Kristin works in speciality running because she loves keeping it local and shopping small business.  She loves the Run For Your Life family!

What The Pro’s Love | Hoka Bondi & Lucy Apparel

Running Rocks Because | Kristin runs because she loves it and needs it!

This Distance Rules | 4 Miles rocks

Amazing Race Moments | Chicago Marathon

Best Food Ever | Gluten free pumpkin cheesecake

Bet You Didn’t Know | Kristin has hiked 2 glaciers.  1 in New Zealand and 1 in Switzerland


Joscelyne Hauserman | Marketing Director| Midtown, Piper Glen, & University

selfie 2

My Roots | Central Pennsylvania

Expertise | Bachelor of Science in Marketing with minor in Communications, 7+ years of experience working in sales and/or marketing

Be Hip – Shop Local | Shopping local is essential for our economy! Plus I’d rather buy products knowing that my money is going to my neighbor instead of some corporation overseas.

What The Pro’s Love | I love the Asics GT-2000. It is so comfy to run in! I also love New Balance NBDry line. PERFECT running/cross training apparel!

Running Rocks Because | It helps maintain my sanity, spirit, health, and love of the outdoors.

This Distance Rules | 6 miles is perfect for an enjoyable run.

Amazing Race Moments | My very first race—a simple 5k—was the best experience I’ve had. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of people that came out and the comradery that was shared among all experience levels.  It blew my mind and introduced me to a life that I love to live now!

Best Food Ever | ice cream

Bet You Didn’t Know | I am a singer/songwriter and play guitar and piano.

When I’m Not Running I’m | playing music, exploring the outdoors, or chillin’ with my cat Juniper.


Antoinette Proto | Running Specialist | Piper Glen

My Roots | Western NY

Expertise |About 2 years of sales experience.  My passion for running makes me an asset to the team.

Be Hip – Shop Local | I love the expertise of the staff at local stores, such as RFYL.

What The Pro’s Love | Brooks shoes and apparel! I LOVE the brand!

Running Rocks Because | I love the feeling of accomplishment after a run.

This Distance Rules | Marathon

Amazing Race Moments | My first marathon. I trained with the RFYL Run Far group at Piper Glen. I was so overwhelmed with emotion to see my coaches and mentors on the course cheering me on. It was a really special moment for me.

Best Food Ever | Pasta and pizza.

Bet You Didn’t Know | I love listening to podcasts. Rich Roll is my favorite!

When I’m Not Running I’m |  I’m in spin class.


Judie Kellet | Running Specialist | Piper Glen
I was born in Woodstock Ontario, Canada before immigrating to the United States.
My career in retail has spanned 40 years; with positions in Sales, Management,  Buying and Retail Operations. I bring years of expertise with working with customers, and love helping my fellow runners with their running goals.
I love shopping local because you get personal service, great ideas and it is about the experience, so friendly.
Hoka is my favorite shoe; love the cushioning and light weight feel.
My motto is “If you can’t run fast look good” try to wear fashion forward colors and style.
I started running late in life 64, so anyone can run and have fun.  Just put your mind to it and join a running group. My most memorable moment was completing the Marine Corp Marathon.


Vince Kellet | Running Specialist | Piper Glen


I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota.
My background is in sales and management and I bring years of customer service to working with people.
Shopping local is easier, better service and puts money back into the local community.
My go to shoe and apparel is Brooks, Saucony, and Hoka.
I run because it makes me feel good, strong, young and healthy, with 10k as my favorite distance.
Most memorable race was Big Sur in California. I have been coaching for a couple years with both Run Fit and Run Far.  I love helping new runners, it’s my runner’s high!
Klay Davis | Running Specialist | Piper Glen

IMG_1364My Roots | Jacksonville, NC

Expertise | Klay is a former Division I college athlete and he has a B.S. in Exercise Science.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Klay works in speciality running because he loves helping a diverse group of people find a passion for running or help their passion grow through the many different things Run For Your Life offers.

What The Pro’s Love |  Klay is obsessed with 2 shoes right now: the Adidas Energy Boost and the New Balance 980 Fresh Foam.

Running Rocks Because | Klay runs to help stay in good health and for the accomplished feeling after every run.

This Distance Rules | Right now it is 26.2, because of how challenging it is.

Amazing Race Moments | Finishing his first marathon at Thunder Road!

Best Food Ever | Cinnamon rolls are his all time favorite!

Bet You Didn’t Know | Klay was a Goalkeeper for UNCC’s soccer team and played in the Division I National Final in 2011!

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