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Tim Rhodes | Owner | Run For Your Life Midtown & Piper Glen

IMG_4994Be Hip – Shop Local | Tim is a father of 6 and very passionate about what he does.  He runs to stay young and enjoys the ability to service the Charlotte running community each and every day!

Katie Southard | Assistant Manager | Midtown
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.47.41 AMMy Roots | I have lived all over the US!  Home is in Chicago Illinois, however I have lived in North Carolina for 15 years.



Expertise | I have worked for RFYL since April 2015. I truly enjoy being a small part of someone’s running career.  I don’t care if you run one mile a week or 70, you all are an amazing breed! Helping someone find a bit of happiness via obtaining their goals is pretty awesome.

Be Hip – Shop Local | I love supporting our local running community!  Runners are a great bunch and its fun to build up the Charlotte running community.

What The Pro’s Love | Favorite speed day shoe: Saucony Zealot Iso.  Favorite every day/long run shoe: Hoka Bondi

Running Rocks Because | Its the only exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.  Plus I get to eat copious amounts of food! I love running with others but I much prefer a good solo run.  Nothing clears the stress of the day or brings life into focus quite like a good run.

This Distance Rules  | 10 miler and Full Marathon

Amazing Race Moments | Hugging my dad at mile 14 in the Chicago Marathon!  My dad introduced me to running and it was special to share my first marathon with him.

Best Food Ever | If I am eating healthy nothing beats Salmon! Make a cumin and brown sugar rub and lightly cover both sides.  Sear lightly on each side. Take the juice of one lime and one orange and reduce to a light glaze, and pour over fish!  Easy and tasty!    If I am not eating healthy queso is tops!  I will never turn down queso and chips.  Or pizza.

Bet You Didn’t Know | I am hooked on international travel.  In 2014 I backpacked alone in Central America for two months.  Every year I go on at least one international trip. International travel is second to running!

When I’m Not Running I’m | What? You can do stuff besides running?! I love hiking, nothing beats a good mountain view.  I also enjoy sharing a laugh and a meal with friends. I tend to not take myself too seriously and will laugh at just about anything!

Kristin Moen | Apparel Specialist | Midtown & Piper Glen

My Roots | Chicago, IL

Expertise | Kristin has over 15 years of apparel industry experience.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Kristin works in speciality running because she loves keeping it local and shopping small business.  She loves the Run For Your Life family!

What The Pro’s Love | Hoka Bondi & Lucy Apparel

Running Rocks Because | Kristin runs because she loves it and needs it!

This Distance Rules | 4 Miles rocks

Amazing Race Moments | Chicago Marathon

Best Food Ever | Gluten free pumpkin cheesecake

Bet You Didn’t Know | Kristin has hiked 2 glaciers.  1 in New Zealand and 1 in Switzerland

Joscelyne Hauserman | Marketing Director | Midtown, Piper Glen, & University

selfie 2

My Roots | Central Pennsylvania

Expertise | Bachelor of Science in Marketing with minor in Communications, 7+ years of experience working in sales and/or marketing

Be Hip – Shop Local | Shopping local is essential for our economy! Plus I’d rather buy products knowing that my money is going to my neighbor instead of some corporation overseas.

What The Pro’s Love | I love the Asics GT-2000. It is so comfy to run in! I also love New Balance NBDry fabric line. PERFECT running/cross training apparel!

Running Rocks Because | It helps maintain my sanity, spirit, health, and love of the outdoors.

This Distance Rules | 10k’s are perfect for an enjoyable run!

Amazing Race Moments | My very first race—a simple 5k—was the best experience I’ve had. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of people that came out and the comradery that was shared among all experience levels.  It blew my mind and introduced me to a life that I love to live now!

Best Food Ever | ice cream

Bet You Didn’t Know | I am a singer/songwriter and play guitar and piano.

When I’m Not Running I’m | playing music, exploring the outdoors, or chillin’ with my cat Juniper.

John Fillette | Running Specialist | Midtown


My Roots | Charlotte, NC

Expertise | John has been a runner since 9th grade [in 2001] at Myers Park High School.  His background is in cross-country and track, as both an athlete and an assistant coach.  Currently, his expertise is in 5k|10k|half training and in shoes and gait analysis.  He could talk about running and|or shoes for a while!

Be Hip – Shop Local | John works in speciality running because he loves the chance to help people achieve their running goals, whether it is their first 5k or the Boston Marathon.  Shoes and apparel are one part of that process.

What The Pro’s Love | Brooks Adrenaline or Asics GT-2000 is his favorite shoe.  For apparel, the New Balance cotton gloves keeps his hands warm during winter months.

Running Rocks Because | John runs because it helps him stay the fit, strong and dedicated person that I want to be. Also, it connects him to interesting and awesome other people who run.

This Distance Rules | The 15k [9.3 miles].

Amazing Race Moments | John’s favorite race memory was the Charleston Half Marathon in 2012, when he set a PR [1:22] and qualified for the NYC Marathon.  Two friends were there with him to celebrate!

Best Food Ever | Pizza from Fuel

Bet You Didn’t Know | John’s other job is working with middle school students at the YMCA [after school].  He tries to get them outside and moving, rather than in front of video games!  Working at RFYL has given him added confidence to help young people find direction [and vice versa]!


Jacqueline Saliba | Running Specialist | Midtown

JacquelineExpertise | I have 10 years of sales experience in various retail establishments. I also have 3 years of  sales experience at Run for your Life.  I have been a runner for 29 years! I also worked at the YMCA for 13 years teaching various exercise classes.  Ran cross country and track in high school and  cross country at Winthrop University.  Coached all ages in running and currently will be coaching young cross country runners in the fall.

Be Hip – Shop Local |I love to talk to people and support my community.

What The Pro’s Love | I have ran in so many  shoes that  it is hard to choose but I would say my favorite brands  are Mizuno or Brooks.  I love to run in running skirts and the more color and pizzazz the better!

Running Rocks Because | It is an enjoyable sport that you can do anytime, anywhere.

This Distance Rules | 5 miles

Amazing Race Moments |Finishing a 5k when I was  bald and on chemo!

Best Food Ever |  Fried chicken and salad!

Bet You Didn’t Know | I love to horseback ride with my husband and 3 kids.  I have an art degree in Graphic Design from Winthrop University.

When I’m Not Running I’m | I love to cook and try to come up with my own healthy recipes.  I also try to hike in the mountains of North Carolina as much as possible with my family.



Michelle Zavala | Running Specialist | Midtown

My Roots | Tampa, FL

Expertise | I have worked in retail sales on and off for a combined 3 years. Beyond that, I spent about nine years in the sports industry where I was fortunate to gain a unique perspective into the workings of a professional sports league and the fitness and sports footwear/apparel business.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Shopping local means bettering your community and supporting your neighbors and friends. Working in a local running specialty store allows me to work with and get to know other members of the local running community.

What The Pro’s Love |  Asics Cumulus, though I’ve also become a fan of the Altra Torin.  For apparel I love Saucony and New Balance.

Running Rocks Because | Running allows me to simultaneously get a great workout and decompress. And Charlotte’s beautiful neighborhoods provide great scenery!

This Distance Rules | Four miles.

Amazing Race Moments | Any race in New York City, although I have a special memory of doing the New Year’s Eve Midnight Run in Central Park a few years ago. The race starts at midnight and is filled with great, lively runners. It snowed pretty heavily on NYE the year that I ran, and the sight of the park covered in snow and illuminated by the course lights in the middle of the night was one I’ll never forget.

Best Food Ever | Avocado.

Bet You Didn’t Know | I am a law student reformed.

When I’m Not Running I’m | Hanging with friends, eating, writing, hiking, or watching football.


Erin Stowe | Running Specialist | Midtown

My Roots | Plymouth, Michigan.

Expertise | Erin has worked at a bank in customer service for 3 years. She has participated in running since 2008 and completed her share of races, from 5ks to half ironman’s.

Be Hip – Shop Local | Erin shops local to support small businesses and not the big corporate businesses (who don’t care about the customer). Erin wants to help others reach their goals and dreams with running.

What The Pro’s Love | Brooks Ghost and the Hoka Clifton; favorite apparel: Brooks

Running Rocks Because | She gets to stay in shape and to make memorable experiences

This Distance Rules | Erin’s favorite distance is the half marathon or an Olympic/international triathlon

Amazing Race Moments | Achieving her best marathon time at Kiawah and completing in her first half ironman at Augusta

Best Food Ever   Cedar Plank Salmon

Bet You Didn’t Know | Erin participated on the club synchronize swimming team in college for 3 years at Miami of Ohio

When I’m Not Running I’m | Hanging out with family, friends, or you can find me biking or swimming around the community


John Patten | Running Specialist | Midtown

My Roots | I am from Charlotte, attended Charlotte Latin School and Davidson College

Expertise | I have 10 years of experience in running shoe business with a strong focus on speed work and injury prevention

Be Hip – Shop Local | It gives back to the community!

What The Pro’s Love | Favorite Shoe: Asics GEL-Cumulus; Favorite Apparel: Skull Cap

Running Rocks Because | My body gave out from football—running keeps me in shape and having fun!

This Distance Rules | Half Marathon

Amazing Race Moments | Breaking an hour and fifteen minutes for a half marathon!

Best Food Ever | Spaghetti!

Bet You Didn’t Know | I was part of 4-way skydiving team called Carolina Ice and I have made over 3,000 jumps!

When I’m Not Running I’m | reading history and classical literature

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