Which Spring Runner are You? 

The spring running season is finally here! Ahhh… (or achoo!) Spring’s cool mornings making way for warmer afternoons, longer days, and fewer excuses. This transitional season lures even the most reluctant runner from their indoor routine, dreadmill, or bed, and back onto the pollen-dusted streets. From our reading of some very non-scientific studies, spring runners… Read more »

Stocking Stuffers

You’ve got the big presents wrapped and now it’s time to just fill that stocking with your love for that runner in you life! We’ve got all kinds of ideas for you ranging from nutrition to recovery sandals to the perfect coffee mug. We’re going to highlight a few of these from the picture above… Read more »

Holiday Packages

It’s holiday time and we’re here to help you out. We’ve designed a couple of packages to make it even easier on you and your runner. If you’re still not sure after reading through this little post, don’t forget you can always go the gift card route and we’ll get it sent out ASAP! Illumination… Read more »

Running In The Rain

Training can’t stop just because of what nature throws at you. You never know what race day is going to look like so it’s best to prepared for all conditions. This includes heat, humidity, cold, wind, and yep… rain. We’ve gathered a few tips from our friends on social media to help you prep for… Read more »

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common injuries in running. Everyone cringes a little bit when you hear the PF word because we all know that pain. We know that we’ve been right where that friend is when you got just a little too excited about your new hobby of running. Let’s learn a… Read more »

What Happens During a Professional Shoe Fitting?

What goes on during a professional shoe fitting? What can you expect? Do you need a professional shoe fitting? Now, Let’s Dive In! What Exactly Happens? 1. You walk into the store and you are greeted by one of our smiling sales associates! 2. They’ll sit you in front of our Famous Shoe Wall and… Read more »

We Are A Great American Running Shop

Remember that day after Black Friday called Small Business Saturday? That one day where the world is reminded how amazing shopping locally is. Saucony is taking it to the next level during the entire month of July with their Great American Running Shop initiative. Did you know Saucony turned 120-years-old this year? Did you know… Read more »

June Shoe Sales

Summer 2018 is in full swing and it’s getting hot! But, guess what? These deals are even hotter!!! Let’s make sure that we keep you going by getting some new kicks on your feet… that don’t break the bank. All of the big brands have been updating their shoes left and right and that is… Read more »

Meet The Team: Rachel Brand

Rachel joined the University team a decade ago when we were moving into our new shop next to Trader Joe’s. There were no brewery running clubs, races were just starting to have themes, and packet pickup was actually a packet, not just a bib and a shirt. She has stayed on board as a part… Read more »

Cotton Socks vs. Running Socks

  You’ve seen them every time you head into your local specialty running shop. At the counter, by the shoes, in the shoes, on the mannequins, etc.. What makes these fancy socks so different? Why should you cough up the extra cash for something that you’ve known for all of your life? Running in socks… Read more »