School’s out and summer’s here with its longer days. And if you’re training for a fall or winter marathon, summer means more miles, too. Runners love HOKA ONE ONE for its legendary capacity for mega miles. Run For Your Life’s Chris Elkins says the brand’s summer 2019 models open the HOKA experience to even more… Read more »

University Store Annual Sidewalk Sale

Headed to the King Tiger 5K this weekend? One of Charlotte’s most family-friendly 5K events is bookended with one of the biggest sales of the year at our Run For Your Life University store. Whether you’re here for the King Tiger 5K, or just in the neighborhood to shop—- take advantage of these great deals… Read more »

Summer Track Series is Back

That’s right! The Run For Your Life Summer Track Series is back! For five Tuesdays you can race the clock and the competition starting Tuesday, May 28. For more than a decade, the Summer Track Series has been one of the hottest tickets on the Charlotte road racing calendar. And it still is.  “The best… Read more »

Staff Picks: Feetures Socks 

You know the saying, “it’s what’s inside that counts.” Whoever wrote that one probably wan’t thinking about socks, but we certainly feel it applies here. Gross, worn out, stretched out socks can make running in even the best fitting shoes a less-than-awesome experience. Think: chafing, blisters, and other unpleasantness.  No matter how far or fast… Read more »

Best Bets for Mom 

Mother’s Day is Sunday. We know, we know… you didn’t forget. This is just a friendly reminder. And what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t also remind you of some great gift ideas to celebrate the mom in your life who runs— and probably just plain runs things, too. Here are our… Read more »

Sports Bras: Fit Matters

Run For Your Life is known for our thorough and exacting running shoe fittings, but did you know we also offer professional sports bra fittings? If you wear a sports bra, you know fit matters. And “fit” goes way beyond size. A properly fitted bra provides the right amount of coverage, support, and longevity–all without… Read more »

Brooks Stability shoes – which shoe is right for you?

Spring is here! The days are longer, your runs are farther, and your feet are… well, not so fresh. We get it; the beautiful weather makes you want to go the extra mile. Before you head out the door, make sure your kicks have been properly fitted by a Run For Your Life fit specialist…. Read more »

Words That Move Us

We love running, but we’ve got to admit it’s not always easy to get up, get going, and get those miles. That’s why we love motivational quotes and sayings when we find the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, so to speak, or vise-versa. Whether it’s a go-to mantra, the ghost of your… Read more »

Running Through Allergy Season

Before we get to summertime when the living is easy, we’ve got to run through allergy season, when the pollen means our breathing is wheezy and our noses are sneezy. Pictures of North Carolina’s epic pine pollen made national news this past week, but you can look no further than the hood of your car… Read more »

What’s New for Spring

Spring feels like it’s really here! Run into warmer weather with our new spring apparel at Run For Your Life, and new styles and colors from your favorite brands. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, too, so why not treat the mother-like figure in your life to something cool? Or treat yo’self… you deserve… Read more »