Self-Care #foryourlife

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. As humans, we sometimes forget to pause, reflect, and check on OUR needs. That’s why for February, we are focusing on practicing self-care #foryourlife. Self-care is about focusing on your well-being and needs; it can include catching up on sleep, taking a hot bath, eating nutritious meals, and/or saying no to the things that no longer serve you. Whatever method you choose, make sure your self-care refuels your tank, so you can go back out there and crush your goals. 

We highlighted a few ways to practice self-care during our Midtown and University February fun runs. If you weren’t able to attend, we’ve listed below a few ways to treat yo’self. 

Pausing and Reflecting

Does your mind ever race faster than the speed of light? Do you ever think of impossible situations that will never happen? If you catch yourself overthinking, take some time to pause. Stop where you are, journal your feelings, and get to the root causes of your feelings. If you’re training for a big race and finding yourself obsessing about a workout or hitting certain times, try taking a day or two off. The rest on your mind and body can take you further than an extra run. If you do not take the time to rest your mind and body, your body will choose when to rest for you (and unfortunately, it usually chooses at the worst times possible!)

Eating Nutritious Meals

We understand that life moves fast, and we sometimes don’t get the time to make healthy meals. If you are always on the go, try planning your meals in advance. On your day off, cook slightly more than what you need for one meal. Roast some extra veggies and boil a whole pot of rice or grains that you prefer. Place the extra food in containers, and bring them with you throughout the week. This way, you will not be tempted to grab fast food when you’re short on time. The planned meals will ensure you’re getting the necessary proteins, fats, and carbs to feel energized throughout the week. Lexi plans her meals every Sunday by looking up nutritious and yummy recipes in her favorite cookbooks from Shalane Flanagan! 

Getting enough Zzzzz’s

Who actually gets 8 full hours of sleep per night?? We get everyone’s bodies are different and may require different amounts of sleep. If you find yourself feeling tired and groggy throughout the day, your body might be asking you for more–or regularly scheduled–sleep. Try your best to go to bed at the same time every day. Wake up roughly around the same time, and when your alarm goes off, get out immediately! Hitting snooze and sleeping in causes sleep inertia, which makes you feel tired throughout the day. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, try journaling or reading mindless books or magazines that will put you to sleep. Stay away from your phone and create a calm, quiet space. Getting enough sleep ensures you are productive during the day! You wouldn’t want to be caught napping on the job like Helen…  

Saying No to the Things that No Longer Serve You

Who struggles with saying, “Yes!” to every request? We get it. Saying yes is easier and nicer to do for others; however, all those yeses can overload your plate. When confronted with a request, determine the pros and cons and decide if the task will fulfill you. If not, consider saying no politely and use the time to fill your cup. Specifically in running, it’s easy to fall into peer pressure and say yes to training for an upcoming marathon or race. If you’re not fully ready or certain about commiting, politely tell your friends you’ll pass. If they respect you, they’ll understand! And if they don’t respect your decision… well… just know you can’t control their feelings and reactions. Focus on yo’self!

We hope these tips help you practice self-care! This list is a small sample of all the ways you can take care of yourself. Find what works for you and give yourself the love you deserve!