Summer Track Series is Back

That’s right! The Run For Your Life Summer Track Series is back! For five Tuesdays you can race the clock and the competition starting Tuesday, May 28. For more than a decade, the Summer Track Series has been one of the hottest tickets on the Charlotte road racing calendar. And it still is. 

“The best part about the series is that there’s real competition and it’s also a really great family-friendly event,” said Race Director, Tim Rhodes. 

There really is a race for just about every kind of runner at the Summer Track Series, from the 50 meter dash to the 5000 meters. Events are open to kids and adults, too. See the events list here.

“Most of us probably haven’t lined up on a track since high school,” added Rhodes. “This is a chance to do it again, or for the first time ever.” 

Qualifying begins Tuesday May 28 and the next four Tuesdays leading up to the Championship heats on Tuesday, June 25. All adult heats will be timed and posted online, with heat winners and four best men’s and women’s times from the previous four weeks also qualifying. All kids 7 and under get a ribbon for each event run; adult men’s and women’s Championship winners will get a medal — how about that? 

All events are run at Myers Park High School. Registration for the entire Run For Your Life Summer Track Series is available online now, or you can pay per week at the gate. 

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