Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom in Your Life

Mom. Mother. Ma! Mama. Maw. Whoever she is to you, she deserves your love every single day of the year, but this Mother’s Day (this Sunday!) in particular. On top of our SPRING CLEANING SALE going on, we’ve also got some fun, new ideas for you below. Swing on by this week to grab those last minute gifts!

Cards for Mom

Maybe Mom doesn’t need a card this year… Pro Tip: Take our word for it. Just get the card!

But, not just any card!

Mom is worth so much more than that dollar store card you were going to grab on your way home. So how bout this year you grab the Warrior Woman in your life a card just as amazing as she is.  Come to the University Store to get the Sole Inspired running cards, made for strong women by a strong woman.

Whether your mom is just starting to fall in love with running or getting ready for her next marathon, Sole Inspired cards will let her know that you couldn’t be more proud of her achievements.



Jewelry is always a safe choice.

We all like shiny new things, and that goes double for Moms! Moms also like avocados… if only there was some way to combine those too gifts, oh wai

But hey not everyone likes avocados (or so we're told) we also have bracelets and cuffs specifically for those warrior women that have completed everything from a 5k to a marathon! Let mom know so she can try and collect them all!

Get mom a new charm bracelet or cuff for Mother’s Day, or finishing that race she was training for, or just because she’s one of the best Mom’s around!

Nathan Speedshot Plus Insulated (Water Bottle)

Who wants to hold a water bottle when they run? What if the water bottle could hold you?

This Mother’s Day, get that special lady in your life the Nathan Speed Shot Plus Insulated. This is so much more than a regular water bottle, so let’s talk features:
-Push-Pull Blast Valve Cap
-Fully-adjustable hand strap with chafe-free material
-Insulated bottle to keep the cold stuff cold
-Expandable zippered pouch
-Super easy to wash
Sounds pretty great, right? You can get one for yourself too…we won’t tell anyone.

Believe Training Journal (University Exclusive)

She already does so much, so why not make her training a little easier, with the Believe Training Journal! The Believe Training Journal just might become her new favorite running essential!

  • In the journal she’ll find everything she needs to make the most out of every run including:
    -Goal Setting Worksheets
    -Training Logs
    -Nutrition Tips
    -Pace Charts
    -Pro Tips
    -Pump Up Playlists
    -…And Much More

We already know she is going to love it, but don’t take our word for it!

Check out what one of the best runners in the world had to say about this little red journal!
“Amazing quotes and great info!” — Paula Radcliffe (marathon world record holder, 3-time London Marathon winner, marathon world champion). We’ll be at the University Store whenever you want to come pick one up!

Yoga Journal

Is Mom just getting into yoga? Or maybe she’s already a pro and a class or two away from learning to levitate. Either way she has never had a yoga journal like this! This is YOGA FOR RUNNERS BY RUNNERS and a perfect gift to revitalize her yoga practice or upgrade her cross-training!

In this guide, Mom will get:

  • -A focused yoga plan specifically for making her a better runner
  • -Flexibility sessions for stretching after hard training runs
  • -Strength training for maintaining fitness in the offseason

It has 50 different routines! So you are giving her 50 gifts therefore you’re covered for Christmas, her birthday, and anything else for a while!

Did you know we also have yoga classes at our shops!? If she gets through all 50 and is still hungry for more send her on in.

Sports Bra Fitting

This is a bit of a weird thought but, yeah if Mom works out she probably needs a sports bra.

Don’t go buy her a random bra…that’s not going to work out for you or her. Instead, get her a gift card for $40-$65 and have her come in for a personal and private sports bra fitting!

It’s easy for you because all you have to do is get a gift card and she will feel loved and supported! (You see what we did there?) It’s a win, win!

Flyte Tank

Did we save the best for last? You tell us!

The Flyte Tank is flying off the shelves and the birds all over it are only half the reason. This top is great for running, yoga, and everything in between. Let’s talk features:

-The fabric is breathable and moisture wicking perfect for hard workouts

-Great for Yoga! Slightly hugs the hips and stays in place when other tops won’t

-Seamless and maybe the softest material we have ever felt (no joke come feel it)

Last but not least. They come in purple, which isn’t really a feature, but purple is our favorite color so…it’s a feature!

The Sappy Wrap-Up (Because Mother’s Day)

We hope this article has helped you come up with an idea or two for that special lady in your life! We’d love to see you at the store, but the most important thing this Mother’s Day is that you make those special ladies in your life feel extra loved!

They deserve it!



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