Dropped by there on the no-tax time Friday a few weeks ago, and couldn’t have been happier with the choices and especially the staff.  They took all the time I needed to make a great shoe choice

jim keffer.

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 Friendly and knowledgable staff! 🙂

FlaVia Brucia Asar

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Thanks to Chase at University location for getting my boys Brandon and Jeremy set with shoes today. He was kind, friendly, efficient and fun!

Chris Hawkins

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Thank you to Tim & his staff for helping me today with my new running shoes

Pat Bates Wolfe

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Hey everybody. Daniel and I always purchase our running shoes from here. They let you try your shoes out, we even ran outside before purchasing, and they know exactly what shoe is good for you. I just called them from Afghanistan and they are shipping me the same sneaker I currently have, just a new color, and get this…they are covering the shipping!!!! Beth was they associate that helped me and she is awesome. If you’re in the Charlotte area check them out!

Angelica Bibin

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Great: friendly staff, good product selection. There’s a great Saturday running group associated with the various locations.

Jenn A.

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Great little running shop – carries a good variety of shoes, good brands and knowledgeable staff.

Julia Rhodes

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Came to find good shoes because I knew a place like this would have them. I was not expecting someone to look at my gait and help me pick the right shoes for me.

We’ll done on service and knowledge. If this place doesn’t deserve 5 stars, I don’t know what would.

Edl W.

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Excellent clothing, advice and customer service!

Melissa Lennon

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I have been a customer here for several years. The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. I was fitted for a pair of running shoes and they are perfect for me. I go out of my way to stop by this store to buy running accessories (socks, nuun, etc.) because they are so great.

As a side note, I really wish they were open on Sunday.

Sam C.

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I joined their couch to 5k running program in January and it’s been excellent. I went from being sedentary to running over 4 miles

Jared Langson

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The staff is always super friendly, and helpful when purchasing new shoes.They pay attention to my needs, answer all my questions and make sure the shoe is really the best for me

Julie Smith

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A HUGE shout out to RFYL! Your customer service is outstanding. In April I bought a pair of Mizuno Inspire 10, there was a struggle to get the grey color in my size, but it happened by doing a swap with another local store . I went out for a run today and noticed a hole in my shoe by my pinky toe. I went to your store in Piper Glenn, the employees looked me up in your system and exchanged my damaged Mizunos. They even took the time to fit me in an entirely new shoe. You guys are awesome and I’ll continue recommending your store. Thanks a bunch

Stephanie Brubaker

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Great place to shop, run, and get great running advice. I joined their training group last year and took 10 minutes off my marathon PR.

Amanda Fleishman

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I’m a total out of shape, novice runner. That said, the couple of times I’ve been in run for your life, the guys have been exceedingly polite and helpful. A young fellow recommended unbelievably expensive socks, I thought he was full of it, but he was totally right! He recommended coming back to check my stride but was very understandable that shoes are expensive, no sales pressure. I really respect that. I plan to go here when it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

Kim S.

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Went in looking for new running shoes. Even though store was busy, an available associate greeted me in a friendly manner and pro-actively. At no point in time did I feel it was a sales process…. It was more like an education process. I was given full and undivided attention, my feet and running style were recorded on an iPad to determine my need for support, and a lot of valuable information about running, shoes, and different materials shoe manufacturers use were shared in the process. Associates name is Ashley. Well done!

Alex K.

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Beth stayed almost an hour after store closing to help me with running shoes and socks. They have my business.

Greg Zarpas

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Hubby & I just got fitted for new shoes by Beth! Awesome experience! Knowledgeable, friendly, so very helpful! Thank you Beth @ University

Jennifer Leitch Hatley

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Great store can’t wait to try out my new shoes.

Steven Fultz

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Chase is on of THE greatest sales people I’ve ever experienced… Love the Montrails he suggested last week. I’m going to get another pair this week… University

Tamira Vaughan

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Love, Love, Love RFYL!  Employees are knowledgeable and very friendly!

Steffany R.

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Dropped by there on the no-tax time Friday a few weeks ago, and couldn’t have been happier with the choices and especially the staff.  They took all the time I needed to make a great shoe choice.

Larry C.

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Park Road location: Justin was very deft at handling two customers at once! Furthermore, he is very knowledgeable about the products they carry, running mechanics, and quickly analyzing a novice runner. I enjoyed the fit process, and that he helped me find the best shoe for me first. (Price second).

Arnie Hernandez

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I can’t say enough good things about this store. I am a runner with MS, and running shoes have always made my feet go numb if I wear them for too long before I go for my run. I met with Justin and he listened to my concerns, evaluated my foot and my stride, and had me try on 4-5 pairs of shoes to decide the best fit. The shoes I purchased are super comfortable and I have not had any problems with my feet so far. Great place! 🙂

Karen Pearson

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